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Learn to bake

Baking and cooking are two very different kitchen skills. Generally speaking, you bake cakes, cookies, breads - anything with flour. And you cook casseroles, meats, soups, and vegetables. When you bake, you must follow the recipe exactly and measure carefully. When you cook, the recipe is more of a guide when you are more experienced. Substitutions are usually just fine in cooking.


We can teach you how to bake and show you all the secrets of the trade. We start out with simple recipes and get more advanced for each baking class you take. The aim is for you to be the Home Baking master in your own kitchen.

We do private classes one on one in your home.

Price for 15 hours, one on one, 2000 RMB

Price for 15 hours, group of 4, 1250 RMB for each person

 All the ingredients are payed by the student, We are happy to supply all ingredients at a fair price & excellent quality.



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